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5 Facts that Encourage Recurrent Donations

Recurring donations are a vital part of increasing your nonprofit’s bottom line. Statistics show that supporters who make recurring donations give 42% more per year than those who give one-time donations, and their gifts average $326 annually. By communicating the benefits of setting up the process for recurring donations—for your donors and for your ministry—you can expand this segment of your donor base.

Here are five facts to share with your donors to inspire recurring donations.

1.     Recurring Donations are Special

Monthly giving is an exceptional way for donors to be involved in your ministry in an even greater way. Show them that recurring donations are a positive part of building a stronger, more committed relationship. Together, you are in it for the long haul!

2.     Small Gifts Make a Bigger Impact

Knowing your monthly contributions helps your organization budget more accurately so you can focus on your mission rather than spending time worrying about finances.  Communicate to your donors that by setting up a recurring donation, they are helping you plan better and be even more successful in your outreach together.

3.     You Value Your Donors’ Time

Setting up a recurring donation ensures that your donors’ desire to contribute to your ministry happens on a regular basis. They never have to worry about missing a month, making giving even easier for them to give.

4.     Your Process is Safe and Easy

Point out the measures your ministry takes to keep your donors’ transactions and information secure. Provide everything they need to set up their monthly transactions as quickly and easily as possible, either through PAC (pre-authorized checking), EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), or credit card transactions.

5.     Partnership Goes Beyond Finances

Your donors want to know that they are special and not merely a paycheck. Thank them for their contribution, but also give them the chance to be part of your ministry beyond their donations. This might include asking them to pray for specific needs, attend ministry events, or offer “hands-on” help. Seeing your ministry in action will engage their hearts and encourage their continued giving. 

You know the inherent value of your ministry and what it needs to be successful. By educating your donors on the importance and ease of recurring donations, you’ll reap the rewards! And if you need a robust church management software that can track donations—including recurring donations—segment donors for more effective communication and more, contact our representatives and learn how DonorDirect can help you become even more effective in your ministry! Click here to set up a free demo today.

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