Fundraising software help nonprofits with transparency

Nonprofit organizations need to be using fundraising management software to retain and maintain donors in today's market.

According to a survey conducted by America's Charities, corporations that sponsor nonprofit organizations are looking for increasingly more transparent communication about fundraising outcomes. Due to new technologies and the internet making information easily accessible to the public, donors are raising their expectations when it comes to seeing the effect the charity's work is actually having on the community. Though many nonprofits reported good relationships with major donors, these bonds seemed to be difficult to maintain over time.

Steve Delfin, CEO and president of America's Charities, believes this demand can be met with a willingness on the part of nonprofits to change with the times. One way to do this is through the implementation of donor management software. The features of fundraising software align well with the items identified by the study as prime paths towards greater accountability. These include lowering administrative costs, telling more people about the mission, programs and services offered, clearly outlining where funding goes and engaging with donors on a more regular basis.

One group getting a head start on informing the future leaders of nonprofit organizations is Marlboro College. The school recently announced the first season of their Nonprofit Management Summer Camp, reported The Commons Online. One key goal of the camp – aside from making managing a nonprofit enjoyable – is to prepare young people for the way charity fundraising is changing and making sure they are prepared to handle the evolution capably and confidently. Among the four workshop sessions offered at the camp, two have direct connections to building transparency in the digital world: social media and results-based accountability.

Donor management software can give those nonprofits who have not invested in it yet a great first step towards becoming a successful organization with reliable donors. For those who have already invested I it, using the software as a primary tool of communication and demonstration will put your group on the map.