Donor management software improves monthly giving program promotion

Donation management software can help ministries dramatically increase their funding each month. With the organization and communication tools offered by a state-of-the-art donor software system, generating an effective monthly giving program is much simpler.

Why should nonprofits have monthly giving programs?
Fired Up Fundraising praised monthly giving programs as affordable options for increasing a nonprofit's return on their investment. It is not an endeavor that will require extensive funds and labor to coordinate. Plus, every charity benefits from a consistent incoming cash flow to support their mission. Donors who decide to give on a monthly basis are also excellent candidates for seasonal gifts or being featured donors in newsletters.

How can nonprofits set up monthly giving programs?
The first step is figuring out the ministry's case for support. This is a written statement that will help donors understand the organization's mission and intended outcomes. The Fundraising Authority encouraged incorporating this into letters and emails sent out to patrons, announcing the start of the monthly giving program. Donors need a firm handle on why they should join.

There should be a page on the nonprofit's website devoted entirely to monthly giving. It should outline all the details a visitor needs to know about the program. Include visuals if possible. Let donors know where their money is going. Make this page easy to navigate and even easier to find from the homepage.

Donors will also need to know their options. Determine if there will be a variety of donation levels for the monthly program. One member may not be able to contribute, or want to give, the same amount as another donor. Send all of this information out once the monthly donation page is up and running on the website.

One person within the organization should be in charge of monitoring and processing the monthly giving program. This person should take charge and monitor new members, exiting members and payments, to make sure credit cards are not expired or declined. This person will also be able to identify where improvements can be made and adjust accordingly.

Promoting a monthly giving program
Give a special group name to monthly donors. For example, Boston's Children's Hospital calls theirs "Dream Makers." This will make monthly donors feel appreciated and add an element of stature to the role. Try first promoting the monthly giving program to a select group of constituents who are most likely to join. These may be mid-level donors who give routinely a few times per year but would like to spread it out over all 12 months.

Do not shy away from promoting a monthly program on social media sites. Multiple channels – including email, phone, Internet and in-person – are necessary to obtaining as many monthly donors as possible and reaching those who are interested.

Again, break down for donors exactly where their monthly donations will go. Eleventy Marketing Group advised using an infographic depicting how much certain tasks cost per month may give them a better idea of what their funds can actually accomplish. They may be surprised what even $10 can do.

In addition to advertising the monthly program on the homepage and its own dedication page on the website, add a link and information onto the donation page. Donors who visit the donation page for the first time or land on it during a specialized fundraiser may be interested in signing up.

Offer the chance to increase the monthly donation amount in email correspondence. Any mailer that goes out to constituents should not only promote the program, but let current participants know they have the opportunity to increase their gift each month.

Donor management software can help nonprofits control their monthly giving program and promote it to the right donors.