Increasing convenience with donor management software

Donor management software makes contributing funds to an organization more convenient for constituents. In an industry constantly trying to maintain a high level of participation and generosity among its members, being able to provide simple and frequent opportunities to donate is a priority.

Why increase convenience?
For people who do not work directly with or for nonprofit organizations, it's easy to set charity work on the backburner until a more opportune or financially stable phase of life arrives. The only problem is, life is generally hectic for many people and it's difficult to find time to sit down and research an organization. Digging deep into pamphlets and brochures to find out where to send a check or who to make it out to is too much hassle. Swiping a farecard is simpler than providing exact change when riding the bus; the same goes for donating to a nonprofit. When the giving process is simple, straightforward and efficient, more people will hop on board. Nonprofits will increase revenue and improve relationships with convenient donation methods.

Mobile technology makes it easier for donors to give on the go. Mobile technology makes it easier for donors to give on the go.

Don't make donors work too hard
In Toronto, Canada, an organization called Gratitude Bag is physically engaging with contributors to make donating easier. Global News reported that volunteers for the charity hang bright red bags featuring the group's logo on the front doors of all the houses in a particular neighborhood early in the morning. They ask participants to fill the bag with whatever nonperishable food items they can spare. Then, volunteers pick up the bag at the end of the day. Through this system, Gratitude Bag collected over 12,000 pounds of food in their first test run, all of which was donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank. By increasing convenience and decreasing the amount of time, travel and thought donors have to put into their participation, this organization has improved its support. 

In Texas, Charity Clothing Pick Up outline offers to gather donated clothes directly from a contributor's home if he or she cannot deliver the materials to a designated location. The charity provides a scheduling service on its website where donors can request a pick-up.

"When the giving process is simple, straightforward and efficient, more people will hop on board."

As technology evolves, nonprofits are harnessing new, more convenient ways for contributors to give. The Guardian stated that both the Internet and mobile giving options have increased the ease with which donors can participate in projects they support. Smartphone apps and mobile-friendly websites allow users to connect on the go and make a donation when it's convenient for them.

But because mobile users typically browse online with their phones during downtime, any interaction with a nonprofit needs to be compelling, secure and transparent. Charities are also asking for less funding more often. That means constituents can give a small amount several times a month as it works for them, rather than one large amount right when the organization makes a major ask.

Aside from mobile donations, it's never too late to revamp a website to make it more navigable and seamless for visitors to give. Adopting donor management software allows contributors to manage their own donor profiles and monitors data accumulated over time, so nonprofits can better interpret which methods are working and which are in need of revision.