Financial Management

The simplicity and effectiveness of online donations

Nonprofits who accept online donations are taking advantage of a successful fundraising outlet. Online fundraising has picked up the pace within the last 10 years. Nonprofit Hub reported that online giving in the U.S. surpasses $20 billion each year. It’s a simple, quick and user-friendly mode of donating. People are busy, and it takes time to write a check or send a contribution in the mail. With just a few clicks, supporters can give a financial gift in just a couple minutes.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that many organizations are increasing revenue online by encouraging people to make gifts on a recurring basis. WiredImpact indicated that NPOs should set up an automatic recurring donations feature. This saves nonprofit employees’ time. They don’t need to follow up with donors, reminding them when and how much to give.

To ensure nonprofits maximize their online giving opportunities, organization should make sure the donation button is easy to find. It shouldn’t take too long for a supporter to find the button. If it’s buried, a potential donor may get frustrated and decide not to donate.  Additionally, make sure the online donation form is clear and concise. Lastly, following up with contributors is crucial. Consider sending a personalized email to a donor. All of these considerations will increase the number of donations.