Nonprofits look for software that fulfills their needs.

What nonprofits need from fundraising and donor software and why

The tools nonprofits use to handle donors and volunteers are some of the most important parts of the managerial side of the organization. Without people to process and organize information, there is little chance nonprofits would get much done. Luckily, there is software available that can help manage all the data and variables that come with fundraising and personnel. Still, these software systems aren’t perfect. A new study conducted by Software Advice showed buyers needs for nonprofit software shifted, which means software companies must update their products to better suit the market.

What nonprofits say they need in a new solution
According to Marina Glogovac, CEO of, the entire world and especially the nonprofit sector is experiencing major changes due to technological advancements. Glogovac said she believes this trend will continue and that consumers will drive this change. The consumers for donor and fundraising software companies are the nonprofits themselves.

Many nonprofits will have to update or replace their existing systems in the upcoming years. Of those nonprofits, Software Advice found that 27 percent will look for more functionality in their new system. These organizations want to streamline communications. Forty-two percent of buyers listed email marketing as their main concern, which is an increase of 133 percent from 2014. Automated messages and direct-mail marketing also listed high in the study, with 35 percent and 22 percent of participants listing them as important functions they want from a new system.

Reporting and campaign management are also important to prospective buyers of nonprofit software. These functions help organizations track their campaign data across multiple channels and eliminate duplication and confusion due to human error or conflicting numbers.

Fifty-seven percent of buyers in the study said that they wanted to have a donor management software that could easily integrate with their accounting software solution. This would also help with the elimination of duplicate data, saving the organization plenty of time and therefore money.

“Nonprofits need software that can handle all the complexities that come with large amounts of data.”

Why nonprofits need these things
Nonprofits need software that can handle all the complexities that come with large amounts of data. In the past, organizations had no choice but to use multiple systems designed for one purpose. But now they want solutions that can work together. This integration makes it easier to manage the data, which can lower overall time consumption and costs.