Nonprofit workers need to be able to market the organization to foster success.

Marketing pain points for nonprofits

Every nonprofit has to get the word out about its programs and purpose. That, however, can be hard to do. In general, nonprofit professionals aren’t marketing whizzes. This means that most nonprofits struggle to promote their fundraisers and programs to the public. Here are some aspects of marketing nonprofits find troublesome:

Nonprofit software can help organizations eliminate duplication of data and cumbersome, outdated software systems.

Finding time to devote to marketing
Time management is important for any professional, but it’s a must for anyone who works for a nonprofit. According to Nonprofit Marketing Guide, nonprofits don’t have the budget that for-profit organizations do, this means they need to really focus on efficiency. This is true whether its donor management, volunteer management, handling financial information or coordinating or creating marketing initiatives. In order to have the time, many nonprofits need to take care of marketing in the right way. Organizations need to find ways to manage everything more efficiently. Nonprofit software can help organizations eliminate duplication of data and cumbersome, outdated systems that aren’t compatible. While new software does take an initial investment, increase in productivity will more than make up for it.

Budget Constraints reported that tight financial situations are one of the reasons nonprofits struggle with marketing. A way to deal with this is to increase fundraising and manage the money that is coming in more efficiently. Donation management software solutions can be a good investment. The software can help organizations better manage their donations and reduce the amount of time it takes to process said donations. This will provide more time and money for other things such as putting together marketing campaigns, writing blogs and other marketing copy and managing pay-per-click ads.

Measuring success
Because nonprofits don’t measure their success in the amount of revenue they bring in, it can be difficult to measure and track it. Success for nonprofits is more subjective than it is objective according to Boundless. They can measure the amount of fundraising donations that have come in, but the true success comes from what that money actually does – which is more difficult to quantify. For this reason it’s difficult for many nonprofit marketing managers to show their peers how important the work they do is. Boundless reported that nonprofits need to find innovative ways of showing their success. For example, the Red Cross sometimes measures success by the number of lives saved rather than donations, according to Boundless

Too many channels to manage
According to Nonprofit Hub, nonprofits can’t just utilize one marketing channel, such as social media, to market their programs and initiatives. Marketing these days is multichannel – it has to be. This is difficult for many nonprofits. Utilizing nonprofit software to help manage all kinds of media can help make this easier. Media software can control and manage several different channels at once making multichannel marketing much easier.

A lack of expertise can be frustrating. A lack of expertise can be frustrating.

No expertise
Many organizations simply lack personnel with the expertise needed to drive marketing success. Whether it’s strong marketing copy, dynamic videos or website and blog analytics, nonprofits need someone that can manage all of the different aspects of a complex marketing environment. If they can’t, they will have to find marketing companies that will work with them. While many organizations struggle from budget constraints, many companies will work to fit inside a nonprofit’s budget if they believe in the cause.

Nonprofit organizations that lack the expertise to execute their marketing initiatives on their own should reach out to a number of companies for help. Many will provide significant discounts so they can work with a worthy cause. Contacting C-level executives will render the best results, so nonprofit managers should utilize their network of connections and even ask other nonprofits about any marketing partners they have.