Social media and unified donor management software

Unified donor management software helps nonprofits promote their brands to new constituents across multiple channels. Today, social media plays a large role in the expansion and success of nonprofit organizations. Being able to convey a consistent message, image and personality across multiple platforms is essential to increasing funding.

Online campaigns 
The Central New York Community Foundation recently began a social media campaign in conjunction with GivingTuesday, a global event devoted to charitable giving in the midst of a materialistic holiday season. The Daily Orange reported that CNYCF encouraged donors and fans of the organization on social media to post images of themselves with a charity they support and why written on a piece of paper. Participants were then asked to post the photo onto the social media sites of their choice with the hashtag, #unSelfie, during GivingTuesday. At the end of the day, one person was to be selected at random by CNYCF to receive $1,000 for the charity they posted. CNYCF encouraged other organizations to join the effort in an attempt to build greater camaraderie among nonprofits and their many donors.

Katrina Crocker, the communications officer at CNYCF, believed the #unSelfie campaign was an effective strategy to bring constituents, volunteers and staff together in a unique way. Social media provided that creative vehicle.

"The immediacy and scope of social media websites offer terrific platforms for timely announcements and specific asks."

Animal Outreach, an Indiana-based nonprofit, also took to social media in an effort to win one of the $1,000 grants made available by Blue River Community Foundation in November as part of National Philanthropy Month.  The KerryAnn May, Animal Outreach's founder, told The Shelbyville News that her organization reached out to Facebook fans, who in turn communicated with social media connections devoted to similar causes, to vote for the nonprofit. The immediacy and scope of social media websites offer terrific platforms for timely announcements and specific asks.

Interacting with donors
While some organizations may be better suited to enlist the services of social media than others, it's clear that many nonprofits are seeing impressively positive results with these sites. Since it's free to join and use, social media is an incredibly cost-effective addition to current marketing strategies. Plus, it can improve an organization's reputation or make it more approachable. By campaigning through social media, charities put themselves on the same level as their supporters, donors and even recipients of their services.

The Waikiki Community Center in Hawaii recently took to a crowdfunding platform to raise money for the remodeling of their playground. Caroline Hayashi, the executive director at WCC, told Pacific Business News that a majority of the funding came from brand new constituents. Social media sites gave the WCC a place to enhance awareness of their mission, post videos about their progress and streamline communication with new supporters. This kind of education is invaluable for nonprofits looking to increase their donor base.

Social media makes it easy for donors to get involved.

Social media also helps nonprofits reach out to younger generations. Millennials use sites like Facebook and Twitter for more than entertainment; this is often where they go for news updates, product information or local activities. Carrie Kent at the United Way of Greater Lafayette told the Lafayette Journal and Courier that younger generations are frequently inquiring about volunteer opportunities. As Kent is in charge of the program's social media accounts, she makes sure to post opportunities on those platforms.  

To create a tech-savvy nonprofit identity, organizations need to be involved on social media. Adopting unified donor management software can dramatically improve retention rates and help streamline the process new constituents go through to participate. Provide new and existing constituents with a helpful, interactive organization they can rely on.