How nonprofits ministries can reduce turnover rates

Employees are the heart of nonprofit organizations. However, many NPOs experience a high turnover rate, which is a major challenge for the human resources department. According to the "2013 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey," only 10 percent of organizations surveyed said they have a formal retention strategy. There are several ways NPOs can retain employees:

  1. Make a positive first impression on day one
    Acclimating all of these new hires is crucial for their success within their first year. HR Council recommended nonprofit management professionals provide prospective candidates with a detailed job description with suggested performance goals prior to employment, so they have an idea of what to expect on the first day.

    Additionally, Management Help recommended organizations develop a standardized orientation program with clear objectives, ensuring new employees produce tangible results. The NPO can send a welcome letter, confirming the start date. They can also provide them with a copy of employee policies. 

  2. Orientation acclimates new hires into the workplace
    Supervisors can show new employees the layout of the office and schedule required and optional professional development training opportunities. For example, a new hire may be unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel, so it's in the company's best interest to train the individual, ensuring they are up to speed. Other trainings may cover improving communications, human relations and safety.
  3. Store all employee information in a nonprofit management software program
    HR professionals can utilize a database to keep track of a new hire's contact information, benefits, salary and completed trainings. A database is an ideal tool for ministry organizations to monitor employees' performance. The Business of HR recommended HR departments hold weekly feedback sessions to gather employees' opinions regarding the organization, asking how the NPO can improve. This will make employees feel valued and heard.

By executing these tactics, ministry nonprofits have a better chance of retaining employees.