How technology trends benefit nonprofits

Nonprofits must adapt to the evolving technological landscape. Tech-savvy tools provide organizations with plenty of opportunities to deliver on their mission statements.

Software helps nonprofits achieve goals 
Technology is transforming as it provides more information to nonprofits and streamlines daily, monthly and annual processes. With greater access to external data, nonprofits learn more about demographics and gain insight into major donor prospects, Idealware reported. Additionally, integrated systems are becoming more popular. In fact, donor management software and constituent relationship management systems are merging.This gives nonprofits an edge, as employees can manage other types of constituents. With two functionalities in one software program, multiple departments can utilize the same system for different purposes.

The newest software also improves communication. This is vital since miscommunication can cost an organization anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of its annual budget. Additionally, 14 percent of each workweek is wasted because of poor communication, according to Linchpin Learning.

Software Advice, a donor management software evaluation company, reported that last year that more than half of all buyers requested fundraising management software most often. This helps nonprofits build long-lasting relationships with supporters. For example, donor management software helps nonprofits regularly send out personalized emails to constituents. This software can also track who opens each email.

Nonprofits gain insight from analytics
Keeping data up to date helps nonprofits understand which communication channels are working best, according to Fundraising Success Mag. Analytics provides nonprofits with information on how to facilitate events, fundraise better and increase recurring giving. With data, nonprofits are more successful as they know what is working and what is not.

Social media platforms support mobile giving
According to Non Profit Tech for Good, Facebook and Twitter may soon launch their own digital wallet systems, respectively. This will support online fundraising efforts through social networks. It will also speed up the process as donors can store all of their information within their accounts. From there, they just tap on the screen and make a donation. It’s important to note that Google is looking to launch a digital payment system as well, dubbed Google Wallet. Most likely, Google Plus  will include a “donate” button. Aside from social platforms assisting with fundraising efforts, these tools also generate a larger network of potential supporters, volunteers and future clients. These technology trends are making a big difference in the nonprofit sector.