Faith Based Solutions

For your growing ministry

Are you tired of slow-moving manual processes?

With DonorDirect’s unique line of all-inclusive products, you can streamline your internal operations to ensure you’re advancing your mission.

Your constituents may reach out to your faith-based organization in times of need, whether they need guidance or helpful products, or when they simply want to attend a seminar or make a donation. The DonorDirect suite helps you track who’s making purchases or registering for events, see who is making donations to your organization and reach out to each of these individuals to thank them. Our software also lets you easily contact these people again when you see a recurring donation is about to end or when new events, volunteer opportunities or giving options arise.

To ensure your ministry is meeting its objectives, it has to function seamlessly. DonorDirect’s product lineup – consisting of StudioEnterprise, StudioOnline, StudioCRM and StudioAnalytics – allows you to do just that.

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