World Relief Solutions

For your growing ministry

The DonorStudio isn’t just designed to help ministries that operate domestically

Our software also assists organizations that focus on providing relief across the globe. We know you have big goals, and we make it our goal to help your group achieve its mission with the help of technology, both at home and abroad.

Your world relief organization may have a project or two it’s focused on throughout the year, but chances are, when disaster strikes, you want to help. Your constituents do, too. That’s why it’s so important to have our unique, all-inclusive software solution that will help you respond quickly to disasters happening across the world and assist those in need.

With our line of software, you can spread the word about a new project to constituents quickly when a disaster occurs and interested individuals can easily give online, either by setting up a one-time donation or a recurring gift. You also have the ability to view a donor’s history with your organization and segment individuals based on a set of specified criteria to determine who may be interested in new donation opportunities. When you want to determine how things are going, you can use one of our software components to more quickly analyze complex data and determine if your group is achieving its mission.

When your organization is focused on the world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by time-consuming projects, unexpected disasters and working with donors who want to help. DonorStudio alleviates these issues by helping your group stay efficient, communicative with constituents and focused on what you do best – helping those in need, no matter where they may be.

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