Media Management Solutions

For your growing ministry

DonorStudio offers ministries the simple solution to media management

Many ministries share their message with a wide audience. It’s becoming more popular for organizations to broadcast special programs through television, radio and the Internet. But as your reach expands, so does the amount of essential information you need to keep track of.

Track analytics. We make it simple for you to track a station’s performance and show-specific analytics. This makes it easier to determine whether you should consider placing media elsewhere, or if a certain program is a real hit with constituents.

Quick access to contracts. Have you ever found yourself searching for a contract or media placement you just can’t find? The DonorDirect suite allows you to record all this key information so it’s easily accessible when you need it. You can also store your main contact at each station you work with, meaning if you have questions about a buy or contract, you have the point person’s email or phone number readily available.

Schedules are all in one place. With our software, you’ll never have to dig through stacks of paper to find your ministry’s programming schedules. You can store listings of what programming is running on different stations for fast, convenient access.

Determine costs. You’ll no longer struggle to calculate month-end broadcast expenses with DonorDirect’s suite of products. Our software allows you to get a better handle on your media budget and ensure you can more accurately determine what end-of-month costs will be.

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