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How can DonorDirect support your missionary staff and management team?

Data entry. The StudioEnterprise software allows you to enter data more rapidly and accurately to ensure you have the most up-to-date information

Pledge management. Those who wish to donate to your missionaries can do so via the web, and you can more easily manage donor information.

Simplified missionary management. Determine missionary allocations, email statements and track obligations through DonorDirect’s line of products.

Easy integration. While StudioEnterprise can provide your ministry with the basic tools it needs to manage missionaries, it also integrates seamlessly with the StudioOnline product, which streamlines the online giving process.

DonorDirect’s product lineup is designed to support your ministry’s missionary work and empower you to do more. Nonprofit work is challenging, and if your organization is focused on missionary activities, there’s little doubt it has a strong need for software that will streamline processes, better organize information and help your ministry achieve its goals.

DonorStudio can help your nonprofit with any missionary work that’s being carried out now, or that you aspire to complete in the future.

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