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How can DonorStudio enhance your volunteer management?

Create and promote opportunities. Your constituents want a chance to get involved and make a difference apart from giving. DonorDirect’s StudioEnterprise software lets you create new volunteer opportunities and publish them online so interested individuals can see how they can help out.

Manage tasks. It’s important to know who’s going to be completing what activities at what time. DonorDirect can help you manage your ministry’s workflow.

Keep track of volunteer history. DonorDirect helps you track each volunteer’s past activity so you know who may be interested in certain opportunities in the future. You can also make a note of a volunteer’s special skills, or best area of involvement to know who you can reach out to when new assignments arise.

Your ministry has a lot to keep track of, and as your constituent numbers grow, you may find it increasingly challenging to manage volunteers and donors while ensuring your organization is achieving its goals. DonorDirect makes it easier for you to connect with and manage volunteers.

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