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Your Situation

Nonprofit ministries are always looking to optimize donor dollars. Some of the biggest expenses that ministries face with a donor system are hardware and the expertise to keep it up and running while maintaining a secure infrastructure. Most nonprofits have been doing this on-premises for years, but the employee, hardware, and license costs continue to increase.

Our Solution

DonorDirect chose Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform for its solution, employing Azure Virtual Machines. With Azure, DonorDirect is able to provide ministries with an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, so that each client has private access to the cloud. DonorDirect uses several other features of Azure, including Azure Automation, Virtual Networks, and Local and Geo-Redundant Storage Blobs. By choosing Azure, DonorDirect’s clients are always using the most up-to-date technology.

The Benefits

Azure dynamic right-sizing allows infrastructure to always fit: You pay only for what you need and use in your private cloud.
Azure secure facilities maintain PCI DSS Level 1, giving peace of mind to each ministry customer of DonorDirect.



DonorDirect empowers ministries to do more,
whether you have:

bulletA call center taking donations, product orders and
event registrations

bulletMajor donor representatives on the road accessing donor and social media information through CRM

bulletDonors who want to purchase a product, sponsor a child or give a donation on your website

bulletLeadership who needs to see up-to-the-minute reports