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Ministries are unique. You aren’t just another nonprofit. You serve a cause and a Kingdom. As a result, your needs are unique as well.

DonorDirect understands. We’re in the same boat. We only work with ministries. Our mission is to empower you through our software, multiplying the Kingdom work that you are doing. That is our role in advancing the cause of Christ.

We proudly work alongside 60+ ministries that are just like you. When choosing a platform to handle your donor management, gift processing, event management, product fulfillment, inventory, child sponsorship, missionary sending, and ecommerce needs, do you want someone supporting you who intimately knows the cause you are advancing? A group that goes to great lengths to make sure you succeed? Or do you want to be just another line item on someone’s shareholder report?

Bottom line, you do important work. We want to help you. Fill out the form to start a dialogue.


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