Andrew Wommack Ministries

has partnered with DonorDirect

DonorDirect is pleased to announce its new partnership with Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Andrew Wommack Ministries was relying on an older software platform that no longer suited its needs as a growing, international organization spreading the truth of the Gospel. Staff members needed multiple applications just to complete basic tasks such as communicating with donors and developing strategies for donation drives.

Andrew Wommac Ministries now uses the full DonorStudio Suite of CRM and donation management software: StudioEnterprise, StudioOnline, StudioCRM, and StudioAnalytics. With this secure cloud-based platform, hosted by DonorDirect and powered by Microsoft Azure, the organization now has a unified system that allows call center operators to have exact information about its supporters in real time, strengthening interactions and increasing donor interest. This visibility can be attained through dashboards and reporting systems that are accurate and accessible on multiple devices through a simple user interface. Finally, the organization’s website now easily accommodates a seamless donation experience that allows donors access to all of their necessary account information.

For over four decades, Andrew Wommack has traveled America and the world teaching the truth of the Gospel. His revelation of the Word of God is taught with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. He reaches millions of people through the daily “Gospel Truth” radio and television programs, broadcast both domestically and internationally. He founded Charis Bible College in 1994 and has since established Charis Bible Colleges in other cities of America and around the world. Andrew has produced a library of teaching materials, available in print, audio, and visual formats. His ministry continues to distribute free audio materials to those who cannot afford them.

About DonorDirect
DonorDirect is a unified donor management system for religious nonprofits. Its suite of products helps ministries organize, access, and locate critical information, allowing them to become more streamlined and stay updated on important data. The DonorDirect lineup consists of StudioEnterprise, the backbone of the suite that allows ministries to improve processing and communication and organize key data in a single system; StudioOnline, which gives ministries the opportunity to engage donors and complete transactions via a website; StudioCRM, a product that can assist with campaign planning and contact management; and StudioAnalytics, an add-on that serves as the ideal tool for quantifying data gathered by ministries. Each option can help nonprofits with the unique challenges they face in communicating with constituents and organizing the information they gather. Combined, these four components of the suite make donor management easy. For more information, visit

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