About DonorDirect

At DonorDirect, we’re a team of believers who work with believers. Our purpose is to empower Christian nonprofit ministries through software. For more than 20 years, we’ve been committed to helping ministries spread the Gospel around the world.

Who We Are

What started over 30 years ago as an opportunity to help ministries take advantage of emerging technology, has grown into the only enterprise-wide donor management and CRM system developed exclusively for ministries. The DonorDirect team has been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of ministries utilize technology to help fulfill their organization’s mission.

DonorDirect was founded in 1999 with a small team of experts who were able to leverage their extensive ministry experience, programming, and system design skills to form a unique company that is dedicated to producing world-class software for ministries. We had the opportunity to design a true enterprise-wide offering on a technologically advanced platform. That was the beginning of DonorDirect and our product suite.

Under the direction of our founder, Frank Smith, the donor management system grew with the needs of our partner ministries to include eCommerce, CRM, email list services, web services, and a host of other tools. Over the years, DonorDirect introduced new products and services, and continued to develop our enterprise software to serve the ever-changing needs of ministries around the world. Today, our DonorStudio Suite of solutions is comprised of two primary products: StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM and StudioOnline.

DonorDirect currently serves over 80 ministries and is pleased to be a part of the vital work that our ministry partners are accomplishing around the world. While technology continually changes, our initial goal of “helping ministries do more” remains the same. Our desire to focus only on ministries and their unique needs yields significant advantages for our company and our clients.

Who We Serve

We solve problems for many different types of ministries, including missionaries, religious broadcasters, and more.

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