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Today’s nonprofits are faced with tight resources, growing demand for charitable services, and a noisy digital media landscape. You need a simple fundraising software solution that takes the pressure off your staff members.

StudioEnterprise is a comprehensive donor management software platform that gives you access to a variety of tools that allow your employees to take control, meet their goals, and drive positive results.

One Software Solution for All Your Christian Organization’s Needs

When you have data in multiple locations and have to use multiple tools to communicate with your donors, it makes it hard for your staff to stay up to speed with your donor base.

StudioEnterprise is a powerful and reliable software solution that allows you to track your steady stream of donations from constitutions, create individual donor profiles, and manage volunteer programs from one browser-based platform.

Build Relationships with Your Donors

Your donors are the lifeblood of your nonprofit. But keeping up with your entire donor network can be labor-intensive. StudioEnterprise makes it easy to build a strong, lasting relationship with your donors.

Instead of using several programs to manage and communicate with your donors, you can do it all from Studio Enterprise.

StudioEnterprise makes it easy to track donor profiles, automate recurring contributions, send personalized emails and direct mail, set up one-time or recurring donations, coordinate live fundraising events, and much more.

Keep Your Database Records Clean

Your donor outreach is only as good as your database. Databases with duplicative accounts and outdated information waste time and cause confusion for your staff.

When you try to create a new account that’s similar to an existing account, StudioEnterprise automatically detects it and alerts you so that you can create a new account or merge it with the existing account.

Recruit Volunteers and Manage Their Tasks

Enlist volunteers and manage their tasks in one comprehensive software platform, StudioEnterprise.

In StudioEnterprise, you can give volunteers limited access to the system and customize their view so that they can work within your database while keeping your donor’s sensitive information private.

Plan and Execute Campaigns

Sometimes all it takes to get a regular donor to contribute is simply reaching out to them. With StudioEnterprise, you can quickly and easily create a plan and execute your campaigns within the same platform.

StudioEnterprise sends personalized automated fundraising letters and emails, tracks donor activity, segments accounts, manages product inventory, and creates detailed reporting data. You can even nurture your donors with personalized thank-you messages and gifts.

Get Access to 20 Years’ of Best Practices

We choose to work only with ministries and Christian nonprofit organizations so that we can continue to deliver a tailored, niche software product that helps religious organizations spread the Gospel throughout the world.

Our product roadmap is full of ideas that came from our partnerships with our customers. When you implement DonorDirect, you’re getting a software product that has been developed over more than 20 years to meet the unique needs of your ministry or nonprofit organization.

Access StudioEnterprise from Any Device

StudioEnterprise is device-independent and you can choose to host in the cloud, giving you access to your entire donor database from any device — smartphone, tablet, or desktop — anywhere, anytime.

Collect Donations Online and Empower Donors with StudioOnline

StudioOnline is the optional donor-facing frontend of StudioEnterprise. With StudioOnline, you can publish giving opportunities, create landing pages for your email campaigns, sell products, register people for events, and more.

Donors can log in to StudioOnline to maintain their profile, check on their purchases, download their end-of-year tax statements, and more.

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“We chose to go with DonorDirect for several reasons, but the one that stood out was the potential added benefits at a reasonable cost. We expect to be able to offer additional functionality for nearly every position in our department at a lower cost than our previous software. That, along with the commitment DonorDirect has on partnering with clients, brought us to our decision to implement StudioEnterprise.”

Jacob Beck

Director of Donor Management, Dallas Theological Seminary