StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM

A Comprehensive Donor Management Solution with Everything You Need

Communication, tracking and automation. Personalization, coordination, and unparalleled security. At DonorDirect we believe in equipping our partners with complete solutions that empower you to execute your ministry vision. Gone are the days spent wasting time and energy trying to get your software to "talk." With StudioEnterprise, you'll discover cloud-based donor intelligence, ministry-centric CRM capabilities, and robust automation at your fingertips. Take your organization to the enterprise level and beyond with the all-in-one simplicity your staff longs for.

The world needs you and the light of Jesus you shine. Now's the time to break through the noise and make a lasting Kingdom impact by moving to a donor management solution that accelerates your efforts. It's time to partner with DonorDirect - a worldwide leader in nonprofit enterprise software since 1999.

DonorDirect StudioEnterprise will strengthen your efforts

Discover the Benefits of StudioEnterprise:


Unify Your Systems

When data is housed across multiple platforms, your ministry efforts become divided. With StudioEnterprise, you’ll finally be able to bring all your donor communication together and give your staff the ability to always be on the pulse of what’s happening with your donor base.


Solidify Your Relationships

Build strong, lasting relationships with your donors coupled with the joy of automation. Track donor profiles, automate recurring contributions, send personalized emails and direct mail, coordinate live fundraising events, and more.


Give Your Database a Boost

Donor outreach is only as good as the database you have at your fingertips. StudioEnterprise eliminates dirty data by detecting duplicate accounts immediately—even at the point of new account creation. Friendly alerts help staff decide between creating new accounts or merging new information into existing records.


Enlist Help the StudioEnterprise Way

Volunteer management can demand a high level of coordination across multiple departments—but not with StudioEnterprise. Enlist volunteers and manage their tasks, access and customizable views with a few clicks.


Plan and Execute Campaigns

Experience in-depth donor intelligence and trend insights so you can stay on the pulse of your donors. Send personalized, automated fundraising letters and emails, track donor activity, segments accounts, manage product inventory, and create reporting data with as much detail as you desire. You can even nurture donors with personalized thank-you messages and gifts.


We work with ministries because we believe in ministries. This world needs the Gospel. That’s why we want to take 20 years of Best Practices and share them with you.

Where DonorDirect StudioEnterprise Shines

Donor Management

  • Robust campaign management
  • Advanced segmentation queries
  • Personalized donor communication and gifts
  • Schedule and automate actions for segmented groups of donors
  • Email marketing powered by trusted, familiar solutions

Advanced Search

  • Easily collect, track, and share data
  • Search within the entire donor database on a variety of criteria
  • Create segmented groups
  • Communicate with targeted groups through email and direct mail
  • Export data to Microsoft Word or Excel

Integrated Processing

  • Fast and simple transaction entry
  • Data imports
  • Integrated payment solution with online reconciliation
  • Combined processing of donations, products, and event registration
  • Add, track, and manage pledges
  • Fully PCI-compliant credit card processing

Reporting and Analytics

  • Run and print over 150 pre-built ministry reports
  • Access to real-time stats and analytics
  • Create ad hoc reporting
  • Automate email and text message notifications
  • Automate data updates

Comprehensive Donor Profiles

  • Capture full contact history
  • Record detailed communication histories
  • Track relationships with other donors
  • View real-time giving summaries and line-by-line donation history
  • Manage one-time or recurring gifts
  • Complete records of events attended
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Advanced integration with email, tasks and calendar

Financial Management

  • Automatic journal entry creation
  • Deposit processing
  • Easy reconciliations
  • Simple one-time or recurring donation set-up
  • Full, prebuilt integrations with ministry-specific accounting packages
  • Automate recurring contributions

Event Management

  • Simple registration through any channel
  • Payment data flows into donor records
  • Waitlist processing
  • Venue management with capacity planning
  • Create segmented invitations
  • Field worker access

Volunteer Management

  • Fully customizable volunteer portal
  • Limit volunteer's visibility to data and account access
  • Automate volunteer tasks

Missionary Portal

  • Customizable, real-time access for missionaries and field staff
  • Limit visibility and access to accounts and data
  • Allow giving designations for special projects
  • Automate allocations to funds received
  • Bulk communications for missionaries and field staff
  • Run built-in, missionary-specific reports

Media Management

  • DMA and station performance tracking
  • Record contracts and placements
  • View stations and analytics
  • Record program and show schedules


  • Safe, secure, and managed cloud-based hosting through Microsoft Azure
  • IaaS solution with private access
  • Technical consulting for all products and extensions
  • Access your entire donor database from any device, anywhere in the world

Inventory Management

  • Advanced product fulfillmentProduct variants
  • Coupon codes
  • Automated assignments across multiple warehouses
  • Backorder management

Child Sponsorship Management

  • Comprehensive and complete child records
  • Provide a variety of sponsorship arrangements
  • Print detailed child packets
  • Reserve groups of children for special sponsorship events

Support & Services

  • Priority, live phone support
  • Best-in-class onboarding
  • Remote or onsite-training available
  • Rich Help Center access

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