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Welcome to Your New, All-In-One Donor Management and CRM Solution

StudioEssentials offers a complete, donor management and CRM platform with all the tools you need to grow better, faster—right out the box. Enjoy peace of mind using a single, cloud-based system where your team, donors, donations, and tools all come together in one place. No more complicated monster spreadsheets, pain-staking email builders and siloed donor management and database tools.

Today's evolving world presents unique challenges to ministries. An all-in-one donor management and CRM solution from a strategic partner that shares your values can make all the difference in how you grow and the impact you have.

Empower your ministry today with the solution that's ready for tomorrow

Discover the Benefits of StudioEssentials:


Get More Done

Boost your team's productivity—fundraise confidently, process donations easily, engage donors, and more with a single, unified platform.


Cultivate Engaged Donors

Gain more time for meaningful connections and greater insights into your donor base to deepen engagement.


Fundraise with Confidence

Increase donations with seamless fundraising tools. Expand your donor base, grow your major gifts pipeline, and discover new opportunities for support.


Simplify Donation Processing

Streamline operations and simplify the reconciliation process with integrated donation processing and robust payment security. Gone are the days of managing multiple systems.


Grow Your Ministry

Accelerate your growth with a ministry-centric partner that shares your values and more than 20+ years of industry expertise.


Scale with Ease

Our flexible solution grows as your ministry grows to continue to meet your needs no matter how big you get and how wide your impact spreads.


Receive Expert Guidance

With our best-in-class onboarding and years of experience working with the largest faith-based nonprofits in the world, you get a dedicated partner guiding you every step of the way.


Adapt to Change

In today's evolving world, modern non-profits need to be able to adapt with agility. That's why we continue to invest in our technology, innovate, and deliver product enhancements—so you are equipped for today and ready for tomorrow.


Get Started Now

StudioEssentials is a powerful and robust tool ready to use right out the box. No need for a huge IT team or complex and costly customizations.

Whether you're looking to get more work done that matters or need to build stronger, deeper donor relationships, DonorDirect will work in partnership with you to achieve your organization's goals.

Explore Our Features

Donor Management

Attract, cultivate, and retain more donors and effectively manage campaigns, communications, gifts, and much more.

  • Robust campaign management
  • Advanced segmentation queries
  • Personalized donor communication and gifts

Integrated Processing

Easily collect, track, and share data.

  • Fast and simple transaction entry
  • Data imports
  • Integrated payment solution with online reconciliation

Comprehensive Constituent Profiles

Take charge of your donor data and centralize records with a single source of truth to reduce duplication data and streamline efforts.

  • Capture full contact history
  • Record detailed communication histories
  • Track relationships with other constituents View real-time giving summaries and line-by-line donation history
  • Manage one-time or recurring gifts

Advanced Search

Profile your donors with easy, user-friendly advanced search features to reach the right group of supporters.

  • Search within the entire donor database on a variety of criteria
  • Create segmented groups
  • Communicate with targeted groups through email and direct mail

Reporting and Analytics

Ready-to-use reports let you see a complete picture of relevant donor and ministry information enabling you to be proactive when engaging your donors and reactive to donor/ministry trends.

  • Run and print over 150 pre-built ministry reports
  • Access to real-time stats and analytics
  • Create ad hoc reporting

Financial Management

Manage supporters, gifts, and revenue efficiently and effectively because every dollar matters when it comes to expanding the Kingdom.

  • Automatic journal entry creation
  • Deposit processing
  • Easy reconciliations
  • Simple one-time or recurring donation set-up


Safe, secure, and managed cloud-based hosting through Microsoft Azure helps organizations reduce IT burdens and risks. As a top-level Microsoft Gold Partner, DonorDirect is able to provide an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution with private access.

Support & Services

Get the help you need every step of the way. Contact our world-class support and client services teams whether you're troubleshooting issues or looking for optimization advice.

With our best-in-class onboarding and years of experience working with the largest faith-based nonprofits in the world, you get the expertise needed to grow your vision.

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