Broadcast the Gospel—Exponentially

DonorDirect products provide robust features that helps your ministry cover all of your network and station management, donor management, and CRM needs.

Comprehensive Media Outlet Records—with Custom Data Fields

Your relationship with each station and network is unique, and being able to accurately track those nuances and calculate your monthly costs is important. DonorDirect allows you to track everything you need along the way so you can keep your focus on engaging your donors.

  • Track unique contract details per media outlet or network
  • Manage the shows associated with each of your programs
  • Automate ROI calculations
  • Create custom calendars for cost calculations, based on each contract’s unique details

Extensive Donor Profiles—with Advanced Relationship Management

Keep track of your donor’s preferences and interactions, ensuring you minister to them in a way that makes them feel uniquely special. Carefully explore how they interact with your ministry using extensive data tracking and relationship management, all the while giving your team access to everything they need.

  • Enjoy advanced contact management
  • Support for high volume transactions
  • Create custom dashboards and ad hoc reporting
  • Automate workflows
  • Create multi-channel campaigns
  • Assign donors to staff members
  • Integrate with email and calendars

Seamless Frontend Solution for Donors—with Personalized Content

Allow your donors to be in full control of how they engage with your ministry with a frontend solution they can access at their convenience. Tapping into the DonorDirect powerhouse, this front-facing portal allows your donors to receive a custom experience where they can feel valued and engaged while accessing the information most important to them.

  • Personalize the online donor experience based on their relationship with your ministry
  • Provide quick and easy online donations
  • Provide full transaction history with real-time receipt printing
  • Update pledge information and recurring gifts
  • Provide real-time cart completion assistance to help offset cart abandonment