Connect—and Serve

Streamline and simplify your child sponsorship efforts with DonorDirect.

Customizable Data Fields—for Comprehensive and Complete Child Records

Your mission is important, and the journey of each child through your program is special. DonorDirect allows you to track every step, lightening your workload while engaging your donors and welcoming new sponsors.

  • Provide a variety of sponsorship arrangements
  • Print detailed child packets
  • Reserve groups of children for special sponsorship events

Extensive Sponsor Profiles—with Advanced Relationship Management

Your sponsors want to feel special and know the life-changing impact they’re having. Keeping track of how they best engage with your ministry is vital. DonorDirect takes the guesswork out of managing your donor accounts with extensive data tracking and relationship management—giving your team access to the data they need to do their job, no matter where they are.

  • Empower field workers with limited system access
  • Assign team members to sponsors
  • Create custom dashboards and ad hoc reporting
  • Automate workflows
  • Integrate with email and calendars
  • Easily add, track, continue, and reassign sponsorships
  • Manage child communications to/from sponsors
  • Provide detailed sponsorship statements

Seamless Frontend Solution for Donors—with Personalized Content

Donors want to be in control of their information and be able to choose when and how they engage with your ministry. DonorDirect provides a custom frontend solution that serves up the information you want your sponsors to have. With a seamless, personalized online experience, you can make each sponsor feel valued while engaging with your ministry on their terms.

  • Personalize each sponsor’s experience
  • Provide full transaction history with real-time receipt printing
  • Send and receive correspondence from sponsored children
  • Easily find new children to sponsor
  • Discover additional donation opportunities