Cloud Hosting

If your nonprofit’s data is saved on a server at your office, you could be taking a risk. Fires, floods, power surges, burglaries, and other types of unfortunate events have the potential to slow down or even stop your ministry. Cloud hosting protects your data and gives you access from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Save Money on Hardware and Licensing Fees

Managing and securing on-site servers takes time, money, and expertise. Between employees, hardware, and licensing, the costs continue to increase. For nonprofits looking to optimize their donors’ dollars, cloud hosting is the answer.

Get Private Access to the Cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud hosting gives private access to the cloud and other useful features of Azure, including Azure Automation, Virtual Networks, and Geo-Redundant Storage Blobs.

Always Have Up-to-Date Technology

Since you’re not managing any hardware, there’s no need to worry about updating your technology or downloading security patches. With Microsoft Azure, your technology is always up to date and protected.

Get the Right Fit for Your Organization

With Microsoft Azure, you only pay for what you need. Azure’s dynamic right-sizing allows your cloud infrastructure to always fit your organization’s needs. As you grow, your cloud can scale with you.

“The product is super. I really enjoy working with it and with the people at DonorDirect. If you have to partner with a software company, wouldn’t you want to partner with a company that shares your ministry’s values, passion and desire to reach the lost? It makes all the difference in the world.”

Ray Ferguson

Vice Presidedent of Information Technology, Pioneers