Empower Your Missionaries

Help them interact with their supporters no matter where they are.


Extensive Donor Profiles—with Advanced Relationship Management

Make sure your donors see the impact they’re making as they support the good work of missionaries and staff. Keep track of their personal preferences and interactions, serving them a custom-tailored experience, and give your team the information they need to access no matter where around the world they’re located.

  • Assign donors to missionaries and staff members
  • Create custom dashboards and ad hoc reporting
  • Automate workflows
  • Develop multi-channel campaigns
  • Easily add, track, continue, and reassign pledges
  • Integrate with email and calendars

Customizable Missionary Portal—for Real-time Reporting and Relationship Management

Your missionaries are people specially called, and tracking their interactions through your system is important. Provide real-time access for missionaries all around the world so they can access the information they need, right when they need it.

  • Empower missionaries and field staff with customizable system access
  • Limit visibility and access to accounts and data
  • Allow giving designations for special funds or projects beyond general missionary or staff support (examples: travel fund, medical fund, equipment fund, personal gifts, etc.)
  • Automatically apply allocations to funds received to help offset administrative costs
  • Allow missionaries or field staff to create personalized dashboards
  • Allow missionaries or field staff to create bulk communications for their supporters
  • Run built-in missionary-specific reports and summaries with ad hoc reporting

Seamless Frontend Solution for Donors—with Personalized Content

Provide donors with a tailor-made front-end solution that allows them to access the information they need any time they desire. Serve up custom opportunities for select groups and create a seamless, personalized online experience, allowing each donor to feel valued.

  • Personalize the online donor experience based on their relationship with your ministry
  • Allow quick and easy support for missionaries, including online contributions
  • Provide full transaction history with real-time receipt printing
  • Update pledge information and recurring gifts
  • Provide real-time cart completion assistance to help offset cart abandonment
  • Integrate with email and calendars