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Three Reasons Why Responding to Social Media Matters

Your nonprofit’s social media marketing plan should include a focus on customer service that includes responding to social media posts. Social media has evolved, providing businesses and nonprofits a personalized experience for their audience. With social media, you have the power to interact with your donors and supporters in real-time. Conversely, they can engage with you in real-time, too. Sixty-three percent of millennials prefer to interact with a company or organization on social media, altering the way people interact with businesses, nonprofits, and each other.

Here are three reasons why your responsiveness on social media posts matters:

Responsiveness to Social Media Impacts Customer Service

Your responsiveness impacts the way your donors view your customer service. A study conducted by Statista in 2019 revealed that 31 percent of people in the U.S. expect a response to a question or complaint on social media within 24 hours. In Facebook Messenger, when you respond to 90 percent of queries within 15 minutes, you will earn the “very responsive” badge. This badge is visible to the public and is used by supporters to gauge your response time.

Responsiveness to Social Media Increases Awareness of Your Nonprofit’s Status

Each time a donor or supporter engages with you on social media, overall awareness of your organization increases because friends and followers of that person will see the interaction. For this reason, your nonprofit should respond to all comments and direct messages. When you respond to an individual as your organization, you create a feeling of loyalty. When a direct message requires you to do some research before forming a response, let the sender know you received the message and will respond as soon as you can provide the appropriate information.

Responsiveness to Social Media Creates a Positive Experience

Your responsiveness to social media posts can create a positive experience for your donors and supporters. People enjoy having positive interactions on social media. If someone posts a negative complaint, do not ignore it. Instead, take control of the situation and show donors and supporters that you care. If someone posts a positive comment, make sure to thank them for taking the time to inform you of their concerns.

Donor tracking software like StudioEnterprise with Advanced CRM can help you discover the preferred communication methods of all your donors. With this information, you will know where to concentrate your customer service efforts.

Your responsiveness to social media posts matters. It has an impact on customer service and can help you maintain your nonprofit’s good reputation. Responsiveness allows you to increase awareness of your nonprofit. People value acknowledgment and a positive response to their posts. Update your marketing plan by including a comprehensive social media response plan, and your donors and supporters will become more engaged with your organization.

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