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Year-End Giving and Reporting

Year End Giving and Reporting

How to Make the Most Out of Your Year-End Giving Appeal 

The spirit of generosity is usually at its peak during the final months of the year. With giving in the hearts of most people, it’s an opportune time for your nonprofit ministry to jump into your year-end giving appeal.  

Nearly 1/3 of annual giving occurs in December, with 13% of giving happening in the last three days of the year. Yes, this is quite last minute, but when you start your campaign early, you’ll give your donors time to think and pray about what they want their year-end donation to be. It also gives them a moment to adjust their budget if needed and plan so they can make that last-minute gift. 

What is a Year-End Giving Appeal? 

As a ministry leader or finance team member, you probably already understand the importance of giving campaigns and fundraising opportunities and how they can inspire generosity. A nonprofit’s year-end giving appeal is an important effort to raise more funds at the end of the year. Because people are feeling generous and many want to have higher tax deductions, they consider donating at year’s end. A final fundraising campaign can help inspire generosity and increase giving for your nonprofit.  

Below are five strategies for a successful year-end giving campaign. 

1. Reach Out to Volunteers 

Volunteers are some of the top contributors to nonprofits and ministries. That’s probably because they are already passionate about the work that your ministry is doing. In fact, 79% of a nonprofit’s volunteers also donate to that organization. That is more than half of what non-volunteers contribute.  

Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity of involving your volunteers in your year-end giving. Reach out to them personally and let them know how their donations can make an even greater impact. Because they share your nonprofit’s vision, they are also likely to want to donate to your cause. 

2. Make an Appeal 

The whole point of a year-end giving campaign is to let people know about it! If people aren’t aware of the opportunity, they’ll be less likely to give. So, don’t be afraid to make the ask.  

Share your giving link on social media, send an email inviting them to donate, or do it the old-fashioned way and mail them a letter. Tell them what your nonprofit is doing and why you’re doing it. Then, make it even easier for them to give with your online giving options. 

3. Cast Vision 

Accelerate generosity by sharing the vision. Don’t simply ask people for money. (Nobody likes that). But when you inspire people with the mission of what their financial gifts could do, they’ll be more likely to want to participate.  

Consider creating various funds for certain projects your ministry has planned for the coming year. Letting your donors know how their gifts can make a difference will encourage them even more. 

4. Reflect on the Good 

What did your nonprofit accomplish in the last year that impacted others’ lives? Along with casting vision, look back at all the good that happened through your ministry and volunteers.  

Include stories or testimonies from people who were blessed. Do an interview with a volunteer who was excited to serve. Share how somebody who gave last year was inspired by what happened through their donation. Spark generous hearts by reflecting on the good.  

5. Send an Annual Report 

Use your annual report to highlight the mission and impact of financial contributions in the previous year. Take time to thank your donors and make a case for donating at year’s end. This is a great opportunity to show transparency and build greater trust with your donors.  

Make your annual report visually appealing with graphs, charts, and photos. Share the stories we talked about above. Then, send it out to your donors via email or traditional mail. Don’t forget to include information about how to give and that it’s not too late.  

How Donor Management Software Can Help Your Giving Campaign 

DonorDirect will make your year-end campaign simple and efficient for administrators and easy for donors to give. We’re here to help you reach your goals, further your vision, and expand God’s kingdom. Contact us today for more information!  

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