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Enhancing monthly giving programs with donation management software

Donation management software improves nonprofit monthly giving programs. For nonprofits struggling to provide their donors with high quality support tools when it comes to monthly contributions, donation management software is a strong place to start.

On average, according to Network for Good, recurring donors contribute 42 percent more than one-time donors over the course of one year. Being able to enroll in a monthly giving program appeals to donors and millennials in particular. Over half of all young adults are interested in being able to contribute regularly to organizations they care about.

On the Network for Good’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog, the site stated that every charitable institution should make enhancing their monthly giving program a top priority. However, it might be tricky for nonprofits to navigate asking one-time donors to make the shift to monthly giving.

“Over half of all young adults are interested in being able to contribute regularly.”

Sacrifices and results
One reason a contributor may not want to enroll in a monthly giving program is that they believe they can’t afford another expense every four to five weeks. On top of rent, bills and subscriptions, an extra fee may feel like too much. It helps if nonprofits clarify exactly what they are asking for and how much it would really cost.

For example, a small donation of $5 or $10 per month may be enough to cover the cost of a meal for a starving child. The donor would only have to sacrifice a pricey latte or one movie ticket every month to make it possible. Showing constituents what their money can do, and where they can make small sacrifices to help others, is a great start to encouraging enrollment in a monthly giving program.

Straightforward packages and tier options
To make it easy for donors to decide how much they can give regularly, nonprofits should offer several different tiered options or packages. Offering a contributor a simple view all of their choices will help them come to a decision more quickly. Providing suggested gift amounts can increase donations up to 43 percent. Avoid displaying more than four options, as this could overwhelm the donor and prevent him or her from making any decisions.

To make the transition to monthly giving easier on a donor, suggest that he or she begins by giving one-third of an average single donation. For instance, if one-time funders give $30 on average, ask new monthly contributors to start out at $10 per month. An alternative could also be allowing each giver to choose for him or herself what their monthly donation will be.

“Try establishing one day each month to celebrate giving and monthly donors.”

Website design
While a “Donate” button should appear on every page of a nonprofit’s website, the organization should place a “Give Monthly” button in those spots as well. This will remind constituents that the option is always available, should they decide to join.

It’s also imperative that a nonprofit’s website accurately reflects its brand identity. Contributors are 31 percent more likely to enroll in a monthly program on a branded site than a non-branded one.

When in doubt, try establishing one day each month to celebrate giving and monthly donors. Nonprofit Hub encouraged organizations to start each month thanking donors and showing them what their contributions have accomplished. By adding a section to the monthly newsletter highlighting the program, it may entice more givers to contribute.