Financial Management

Nonprofit software helps acquire corporate partners

Nonprofit management software provides organizations with the tools to build corporate partnerships. According to Forbes, NPOs’ needs do not often align with the employee engagement and philanthropy programs at other companies. This gap prevents corporations from committing to a nonprofit’s volunteer or fundraising endeavors.

America’s Charities, a nonprofit coalition of the U.S. charitable organizations, surveyed 240 nonprofits this year and found that half of all nonprofits believe they have tight-knit relationships with their corporate and institutional partners, but they struggle to sustain these partnerships. Additionally, nearly half of non profits have noticed that corporate employees want to get involved, but they are having a difficult time meeting these requests. Forbes reported that corporations and nonprofits often talk past each other.

Fortunately, a software program helps non profits and companies speak the same language. Corporate partners seek hard data and public evaluations, while many nonprofits don’t have this concrete information. With data and reporting, the two entities are on the same page.

Nonprofit software often comes with analytic tools that help quantify data. A software program may be able to develop charts and graphs based on the material. Since corporations resonate with visuals, non profits will meet corporation’s requests. With refined communications, both organizations benefit.