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Donation software and Instagram improve relationships with donors

Long lasting relationships between constituents and nonprofits are made possible by donor management software platforms. These systems provide members and donors with a more meaningful experience when it comes to interacting with the organizations they choose to support. Improved communication, personal profiles and monthly donation plans are just a few of the many options users have when it comes to nonprofit software.

Another method for personalizing the contribution process is connecting with donors through social media. While Facebook is popular and spans several generations of users, new algorithms have been detrimental to community pages and their ability to reach followers consistently. Nonprofits need to expand their social media scope to include other platforms that can effectively tell their stories. Instagram is one of the best options for achieving this goal.

“Instagram is an incredibly effective storytelling technique.”

Instagram is a visual, photograph-based social media tool that enhances any business or nonprofit marketing strategy. It’s also an incredibly effective storytelling tool, as organizations can post images of volunteers helping on site, funding recipients accepting their donations and office personnel working behind the scenes. These are all important aspects to a charity that many people never see. Images, according to Our Social Times, appeal to viewers’ emotions. They extend beyond language barriers and have been known to increase interaction on social media sites by 39 percent compared to text-based posts.

Show and tell
Social Media Examiner noted that businesses will advertise their products and services through images on Instagram. Since nonprofits typically don’t sell anything, it’s important to display the work of volunteers and daily staff. Capture activities in preparation of large events or during a group fundraiser. Ask staff to pose for a photo as they assemble mailings. Animal rights groups can share photos of dogs and cats in need of adoption, with information on who followers should contact if they are interested. The primary goal is to let viewers know exactly what it is that the nonprofit does using powerful, clear photography.

Include link in profile
Be sure to add contact information in the profile section of the Instagram account. Links to an organization’s website should be visible and direct users to the homepage. If an informational email address is available, include this too, as some people may prefer direct contact.

Include calls to action and contests
One excellent way to create more meaningful interactions with constituents is through contests on Instagram. Some contests simply ask users to like or comment on an image in order to be entered into a drawing. Others encourage users to take their own photos and use a designated hashtag to enter the image into a competition. This is an excellent way to not only get contributors involved, but to add excitement and fun to the participatory event.

Encourage volunteers to share their own photos of events on Instagram.

Interact with followers
TailWind Blog stated that interacting with fans and followers on Instagram is something every business and organization should be doing. A relationship cannot be one-sided, even if it exists online. The goal is to eventually grow a donor database that exists both on- and off-line. If a charity doesn’t respond or reach out to followers, it can’t set a good example of what the interactions would be like in person. A genuine connection demonstrates not only affection but appreciation.

Plus, during a particular fundraiser or event, nonprofits can encourage contributors and volunteers to post images of their experiences. This is a great way to reach a wider audience. Members likely have friends and family who are not involved in the organization’s mission but may be interested in joining later on. This is a good opportunity to repost donors’ photos, too, as this also demonstrates support and appreciation.

Instagram is an excellent social media tool that can help nonprofits enhance their relationships with constituents.