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Ministries thrive with innovative software systems

If your ministry has not invested in fundraising software yet, check in to see what is holding you back. Often, intimidation by a new technology prevents an organization from changing and growing. Take a moment to consider where your ministry will be in 5 or 10 years if it does not change or grow.

Colin Baird wrote on that leadership today is lacking in innovation. He asserts that curiosity in leaders and workers leads to a better sense of purpose for employees and a thriving business. Both Google and 3M are examples of companies who experimented with new ideas early on and found it led to enormously successful products and practices.

One tool ministries can use to foster a sense of curiosity among staff and ministers is saying “yes and…” Originally a method for improvisational actors to build intricate stories out of nothing in minutes, saying “yes and…” is key to business growth, Karen Hough wrote in Switch and Shift. Using this positive response between colleagues will lead to honest discussions and an array of insights from various people. Cooperation is fundamental to a ministry’s success and “yes and…” fosters it.

Ministries avoiding implementing a software program because the technology seems foreign or the current management system feels familiar will miss out on an opportunity to grow. Don’t waste any more time – invest in fundraising software today.