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Why ministry nonprofits need to segment donors

While many organizations are looking to go big with their data, ministry nonprofits should take a leaner approach. There is so much information that donors provide through every interaction they have with nonprofit organizations that they’re essentially missing out on precious opportunities if they don’t listen to what contributors have to say.

Why? From the information collected through donor management software, ministry nonprofits can develop far more effective marketing campaigns through segmentation. This practice allows an organization to take seemingly disparate information from a large group of people – donors, for example – and identify common traits among them to make marketing efforts more efficient, explained the Direct Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Federation.

Segmentation allows NPOs to get to know their donors on a more personal level and provide them with communications they’ll want and appreciate. For instance, the marketing blog Hubspot indicated that each donor or group of contributors will likely have specific expectations when it comes to how often they get emails, newsletters and various kinds of outreach, as well as a certain channel they prefer. By using donor management software to collect this information and incorporating it to inform marketing efforts, ministry nonprofits can ensure they’re meeting donors’ expectations and show them they care about their needs.