Ministry Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight: Endtime Ministries

DonorDirect is excited to celebrate a 4-year partnership with Endtime Ministries!

Endtime Ministries is a Christian media ministry based out of Plano, Texas with a mission to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every person on Earth. They work daily with volunteers from all over the world; setting up group studies, conferences, translating materials, and more.  

Ministry Overview

Endtime Ministries was founded in 1986 by Irvin Baxter, a television and radio host, author, publisher, and international prophecy teacher. Irvin felt God call him to start traveling as an evangelist at the age of 19. He began pastoring when he was 27 and continued for 33 years until he decided to devote all of his time to Endtime Ministries.

God has expanded Endtime Ministries both nationally and internationally as hundreds of thousands of people tune in to their message and subscribe to their publications each week.

  • Endtime Magazine has been in publication since the early 1990s and has become the most widely read prophecy magazine in the world.
  • The End of the Age radio and television program airs on weekdays and can be streamed online through the End of the Age+ subscription service.
  • Prophecy in the News is where you can get the latest breaking news headlines and see how the news fulfills Bible prophecy today.
  • The Endtime Ministries Store offers a wide array of products and study materials in various formats.
  • Endtime Ministries hosts several conferences and Bible studies around the world. Additional details can be found on their Events page online.
  • The Jerusalem Prophecy College is an effort of Endtime Ministries to empower you to know the link between current events and Bible prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled.

Discover More

DonorDirect is honored to come alongside Endtime Ministries and empower their ministry through software and services that are uniquely designed to support the wonderful work they accomplish every day. We encourage you to connect with this amazing ministry and discover how Endtime Ministries strives to share the truth of the prophecies for people who are searching.