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3 fundraising tips for nonprofits

Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult. Just a few simple steps can help nonprofits reach their fundraising goals.

1. Get to know your prospects
Before targeting people with money, it’s best to know the potential donors. Wealthy strangers don’t necessarily lead to donations, Entrepreneur indicated. Americans who earn within the top 20 percent of income levels contributed about 1 percent of their income to charity, while those in the  bottom 20 percent income category gave 3.2 percent of their money, according to The Atlantic.

2. Ask the old-fashioned way
One of the best ways of securing a donation is not through talking, but listening. Before asking for a donation, it’s more effective to inquire about the donor’s passions, motivations and how they feel connected to the organization, Entrepreneur reported. This allows the prospect to open up and be more likely to contribute. Asking in person is ideal, and NP Engage recommended delivering a handwritten note as well.

3. Show appreciation for a contributor’s support
Continue the handwritten-note method when it comes to thank-you notes. Take it a step further and thank the contributor over the phone or host a donor recognition event. A supporter will appreciate this acknowledgement and be more likely to give in the future.