Volunteer Management

Event management software for nonprofits finds great youth volunteers

Event management software ensures that nonprofits find the best volunteers, including those in younger generations. Though they may not have the financial resources that their parents do, they can offer significant help when it comes to running a successful event. Plus, they may have more money than time to donate in the future. Teaching youth the power of giving back and volunteering now sets them up to continue the practice down the road.

If possible, Volunteer Match says nonprofits should try to engage younger volunteers by focusing on their interests and favorite activities. Volunteer opportunities may involve artistic talents, building homes, posting fliers or baking cookies. Offering young people a chance to choose the area that intrigues them most will not only improve their experience but likely motivate them to perform well and devote more time to the cause.

Be sure to post notices about volunteer opportunities in community centers and schools. If posting in school is not allowed, discuss the event with the administrators to see if an announcement can be made to the student body. Many high school students look for volunteer opportunities not only because they want to give back, but because college applications ask about service projects students have participated in. Students may not know where to look for these opportunities.

Online presence
Of course, using the Internet and social media to recruit youth and millennial volunteers is always an excellent method. Volunteer events and fundraiser information should certainly be posted directly on the nonprofit’s homepage. Organizations looking to incorporate younger volunteers into their event should have a Facebook and Twitter presence to promote causes and connect.

Social media is important because young people tend to follow trends set by their peers. If one person signs up to volunteer, chances are he or she will feel more comfortable showing up to help with a friend. Sharing tools on Facebook and Twitter make it easy for younger people to get their friends involved. Nonprofits can even designate a specific young person who is already working with the charity to speak with peers about donating time to a good cause.

Mashable reported on a recent survey that observed the trends in social media when it comes to donating to nonprofits. Out of 1,000 people 18 and over who regularly use social media, 51 percent claim to have heard about fresh social justice and volunteer opportunities through social media. This medium can be very effective, very quickly. Response time has to be swift. Help the recruitment team track potential members by asking those who wish to volunteer to tag their posts with a particular hashtag.

Get creative
Using promotions or fun offers can also garner more interest from youth volunteers. Selling t-shirts with the nonprofit logo, cause and signature color on it is a great way to simultaneously advertise and earn the loyalty of a volunteer, says Nonprofit Hub. Offer a free tee-shirt to volunteers. Any small incentive may earn the time from a busy volunteer.

When youth volunteers are on site working to move the mission of the nonprofit forward, be sure to treat them with respect. Let them work side by side with adult volunteers to generate a larger sense of community. It can also turn them into lifelong participants if they feel their presence is valued, rather than patronized.

Philanthropy News Digest discussed the idea of a thoughtful donor. These are donors who take donate funds to organizations that they really believe in – groups that affect them directly or that they have a long history with. By recruiting and working with youth volunteers, nonprofits can set up their fundraisers with a strong thoughtful donor base for the future.

Investing in event management software will help nonprofits manage their recruitment efforts and find the best young people for the tasks at hand.