Volunteer Management

Nonprofit software programs support NPO volunteer efforts

A strong volunteer management system strengthens nonprofits’ relationships with prospective and current volunteers. Volunteers lay the foundation of a successful nonprofit organization. They provide NPOs invaluable support. Attracting quality volunteers may take some work and a solid volunteer description.

Before posting a job description on LinkedIn, Idealist or Indeed, first create a position title and define the role. What are the expectations of the prospective volunteer? Write a few sentences providing the volunteer with a vision of what he or she would be doing for the organization. Nonprofit MarCommunity suggested setting timelines. Consider how many hours per week or month are required for the position. Outline the skills and knowledge needed to qualify for the volunteer role.

With a solid job description, volunteers will be able to do their job well and will understand their expectations. It’s also crucial to share the benefits. Why should someone want to commit their time to a project? What will make it worth it?  Essentially, a volunteer position is similar to a job description.

A nonprofit software program can store prospective volunteers’ contact information, skills and education, allowing volunteer coordinators the ability to reach out to them for a relevant project. Volunteers are the lifeblood of an organization, so it’s vital for an NPO to turn to an effective volunteer management system.