Don’t Let Your Software Stop You from Changing the World

We partner with you—because we are passionate about changing the world, too.

At DonorDirect, we don’t just sell you software. We partner with your ministry, to provide you with everything you need to impact the world. You know what your ministry needs better than anyone, and we are here to help you make that vision come to pass.


Since 1999, DonorDirect has influenced the success of our clients by providing the only enterprise-wide donor management and CRM system developed exclusively for ministries. We’ve introduced new products and services over the years and have continued to develop our enterprise software to serve the ever-changing needs of ministries around the world.

To ensure our product stays in line with your ministry’s needs, we apply a three-fold approach to product development. As a DonorDirect client, you help influence the path that our solution takes, which impacts how ministries all around the world operate.

A Unique Perspective

We’re all called to serve the Kingdom, but every organization has a unique mission with unique needs, processes, and operations. With decades of experience, we have an intimate knowledge of how ministries operate in general, as well as the nuances that make each ministry stand apart.

Combining our extensive ministry exposure with our industry expertise, we are able to identify trends and develop products to help you stay ahead of the curve. This unique insight drives a portion of our product development in ways that allow your ministry to expand your reach and improve your workflow.

In short, we are intentional about learning what today’s ministries need and incorporating new features into the system before you even realize what you’ve been missing.

A Ministry Community

Do you have a great idea of how our system could grow or help make your life easier? We want to hear about it. Not only do we want to hear about, but we also want our family of ministry partners to weigh in.

When you partner with DonorDirect, your ministry is granted access to an exclusive portal where you can engage with our Ministry Community. It’s a place where ministries can ask each other questions and share ideas about how we can refine our products. We encourage all of our valued clients to take advantage of this unique way to let your voice be heard, whether you are posting a new idea or simply voting on your favorites.

Special Projects

Sometimes your ministry discovers a need for a new feature or integration before we do, and you need it developed fast. When these situations arise, your ministry becomes our co-pilot. You define the requirements, we help draw the scope, and together we engage in a special project to help bring your concept to reality.

Since ministries are funding these special projects, we always take the most cost-effective approach to accomplish the desired result. We know how important donor dollars are to your ministry, and we keep that in mind when we engage in any special projects.

The sky is the limit on what we can achieve through a special project. Common examples of projects we could take on together include new features, custom imports, new software integrations, and custom reports.