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4 Donor Groups You’re Probably Ignoring (But Shouldn’t)

If you’ve created an avatar of your ideal donor, you know what kind of person is your “target market”—who exactly is interested in joining your vision and supporting your ministry. While this persona should always provide you clear direction when creating new ministry materials and guide your marketing efforts, don’t miss out on occasional outreaches to these four donor groups you’re probably ignoring….but shouldn’t.

Don’t Ignore the Average Donor

In the United States, the average donor is 64 years old. Typically, he or she will make two gifts per year. Frequent communication to those who are retirement age is crucial to make sure you don’t miss out on reaching those who support ministries most regularly. If your ministry caters to a younger age group, special mailings with this older age group in mind could increase donations immediately. Of course, if your ministry’s software doesn’t allow you to easily collect and segment to audiences like this, look into affordable and effective solutions like DonorDirect’s Studio Enterprise software to receive an immediate boost to your marketing and communication efforts.

Don’t Ignore Lower-Income Earners

It may surprise you to discover that people who earn $25,000 or less donate to charity in the largest share, based on their income—a full 16.6%. Ironically, those who make more tend to give less in terms of percentage of their income. The <$25k income group believes in making a difference in this world with the funds they have, and statistics prove they love partnering with ministries. Share your message with lower income earners to show them how even a little can make a big difference in this world.

Don’t Ignore Millennials

Most ministries have difficulty finding just the right tone to reach the Millennials age group (birth dates between 1981-1996). But this isn’t a group that should be ignored. Sixty percent of Millennials give an average of $481 to charities every year. As young people “with a cause,” this age group loves knowing who exactly they’re giving to and specifically where their money is going—because they want to make a meaningful impact.

Don’t Ignore International Givers

Though it’s sometimes easier to prepare materials with only your country in mind, it may surprise you to learn that 31% of donors around the world give to ministries that aren’t in their own country. By communicating with ministry partners who live in other parts of the world, you’ll reach an audience that looks forward to joining you on your mission to impact the entire globe.

Give Yourself the Ability to Reach Out Easier Than Ever

The average US donor, low-income earners, millennials, and international givers are all ministry partners that need to be given special attention by every ministry—at least at some point throughout the year, even if they aren’t a part of your ideal donor avatar. Give yourself the ability to reach out easier than ever with powerful software that enriches the relationship experience you have with your donors. With DonorDirect’s Studio Enterprise software with Advanced CRM, ministries can collect information, segment groups, and communicate smartly. Schedule a personalized demo with our team today and see just how easy it is to reach beyond your usual audience.

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