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Bounce Back to Bounce Forward: A Ministry’s Savvy Response to a Pandemic

2020 was a tough year for missionaries and ministries. We were forced to make changes that we weren’t ready for. We had to comfort people even when uncertainty loomed in our minds. Many smaller ministries found they lacked the infrastructure to weather the storm. Some tried the wait-n-see approach hoping that COVID-19 would soon be eradicated so they could get back to normal.

A survey conducted in partnership with Washington Council Ernst & Young, shared alarming stats. See image below:

If you’re wondering how you can bounce back from the impact of the global pandemic, you’re not alone. Donor Direct has collaborated with more than 80 nonprofits, including Turning Point, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Focus on the Family, and Food for the Poor, Inc. Each ministry leveraged software to build powerful bounce back strategies. We’ve uncovered three strategies that gives ministries the resilience they need.

Strategy #1:        Empower Your Team

Strategy #2:        Cultivate Your Most Engaged Donors

Strategy #3:        Implement Technology that Supports Ministry Growth

To learn full details behind each strategy, download our “2021 Strategy Guide: 3 Strategies Resilient Ministries Use to Bounce Back from 2020“.

A wise person once said, “Resiliency isn’t just about bouncing back after a trauma, it’s about the ability to bounce forward, adopting newly acquired insights and behaviors.” It is our sincere hope that our clients and overall community of ministries can use the past 12 months as an opportunity to focus on their core and the infrastructure that will help their ministry efficiently reach its goals.