Ministry Spotlight

Ministry Spotlight: Seattle’s Union Gospel

DonorDirect is excited to celebrate a 9-year partnership with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission this year!

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission has a mission to bring the love of Jesus and hope for a new life to their homeless neighbors. Their vision is to see every homeless neighbor beloved, redeemed, and restored. They do that by addressing the root causes and breaking the cycle of homelessness by meeting urgent physical needs, building relationships, and offering long-term recovery programs. Their efforts work to restore dignity and help move people to healthy, thriving lives.

Restoring Hope

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission opened its doors as a soup kitchen during the summer of 1932, during a time when Seattle was staggering under the Great Depression. Within months, they were serving thousands of meals and grew to shelter over 100 men in their first few years.

The ministry has expanded greatly over these past few decades. Almost everywhere you look in Seattle today, you see people who have lost so much. Their homes. Their families. Their hope for a better tomorrow. What you may not see is what so many have found through the wonderful work of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. A path out of homelessness. A path that begins with God’s amazing grace and leads to a new beginning. Over the past year alone, they’ve helped thousands of men, women, and children walk that path to a new life.

The Path from Lost to Found

By caring for urgent physical needs, sharing God’s love, and offering long-term recovery programs, Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is helping people move on to thriving lives. They do so through an intentional path to restoration.


  • The Mission’s Outreach Team acts as the first responders, delivering love, food, and essentials.
  • Each night, Search + Rescue vans bring life-saving supplies, care, friendship, and prayer.
  • Their Mobile Shower trailer offers hot showers along with soap, shampoo, and clean towels.
  • They also help mentally ill people get off the streets and into treatment through their Mental Health Services.


  • The Men’s Shelter serves free meals with invitations to join their recovery programs.
  • The KentHOPE Shelter provides emergency meals and shelter to homeless women and their children.
  • The Mission offers respite care to men and women with severe medical issues.
  • They provide services in Spanish, including chapel, counseling, and legal assistance.
  • Their Prison Ministries bring hope to prisoners with church services, life skills classes, and counseling.
  • The Mission helps restore dignity and confidence with free dental and restorative care.
  • They provide legal services to men and women trapped in homelessness.
  • They also provide homeless men and women opportunities to express themselves through art.


  • The Men’s Recovery Program helps men overcome addiction through counseling, Bible studies, and education programs.
  • The Women’s Recovery Program helps women overcome abuse and addiction to start a new life.
  • They also encourage physical activity and inspire people in recovery to train and run in local events.


  • The Mission offers women affordable housing and support for up to two years through their Transitional Housing program.
  • Their Continuing Education classes give people the knowledge and skills to thrive after graduation.
  • They also prepare people for the workplace with job training and placement services.

Interactive Experience

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is restoring hope within their community. They want everyone to know, no matter their circumstances, they are loved and cared for.

By visiting their interactive video story online, you’ll get to experience firsthand the steps it takes to leave homelessness behind and with God’s help, move toward a healthier, thriving life. No matter how dire the situation, there is always hope. 

As the video plays, you will be prompted to make choices, ultimately affecting your story’s narrative. When a decision pops up on your screen, click either option using your mouse. Once you make your decision, the next part of your video will automatically launch. Each decision you make will lead you through the Mission’s vast programming, to recovery, and God’s hope for a new life.

Give Hope Today

DonorDirect is honored to come alongside Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and empower their ministry through software and services that are uniquely designed to support the wonderful work they accomplish every day.

They search. They listen. They walk alongside. They offer hope. They work to break the cycle of homelessness and addiction. It all starts with dignity — in the form of a blanket, a hot shower, a home-cooked meal, a warm place to sleep, and friendship. It continues with addiction recovery, one-on-one counseling, and long term solutions.

We invite you to click below and learn more about Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and hear the incredible stories of how hope has been restored for many in their community.