Donation Management Software

Four Considerations for Your Ministry’s Growth

A comprehensive donor management system is an essential part of your organization’s growth strategy – but what happens when that growth occurs? Will your system grow alongside your ministries?

This is a question you need to ask before you select a new donor management system or upgrade your current program. There are four key factors you must consider as you plan your donor network and your organization’s growth:

1. Your ministries need a system designed especially for… ministries.

One-size-fits-all donor management systems will likely not fit the unique needs, concerns, and outlook of a faith-based organization. Partnering with a provider that believes in your mission, understands your goals, and shares your priorities is the best way to create a donor network that is deeply engaged with your ministries, and that you can grow and nurture to expand your impact.

2. Your system will work best with dedicated, personalized guidance.

This goes right along with having a donor management partner that is invested in your mission and wants to see your ministries succeed. It’s not enough for a provider to offer software for you to download and navigate – make sure you will have access to comprehensive guidance and support, from the minute you come onboard with a donor system and through every update and enhancement that incorporates new technologies.

3. You need to look for a system that can scale with ease.

The best ministries always seek to broaden their impact, and the best donor management system will be designed to keep pace, with flexible solutions that grow as your ministry grows to continue to meet your needs – no matter how big you get and how wide your impact spreads. If you have 100 donors, make sure the system you have in place can engage those supporters – and that it’s ready to meet your needs when you reach 500, 1,000 or even 10,000 or more supporters.

4. You must be able to trust your provider to always innovate.

In today’s evolving world, modern non-profits need to be able to adapt with agility – and you can, with the right partner. Find out to what extent your donor management provider is investing in their technology, constantly innovating, and preparing product enhancements—the goal is for your ministries to be equipped for today and ready for tomorrow.

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