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How GivingTuesday Supports Nonprofits

Amidst the consumerism during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is a fresh way to look at how we can use our finances to make a positive difference. The holiday was designed to encourage people and organizations to give back and create a “massive wave of generosity.”  

GivingTuesday is a welcomed opportunity for nonprofits of all kinds, but it can be particularly helpful for those supporting missionaries during this time. Your organization can leverage GivingTuesday to empower your missionaries, equip your staff, and engage your supporters.  

About GivingTuesday 

GivingTuesday occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is November 30th this year. It was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Similar to how Black Friday represents the beginning of the holiday shopping season, Giving Tuesday is the kickoff to the charitable giving season.  

This holiday began as a social media movement (hence the hashtag used across social media: #GivingTuesday). The idea is to share on social channels how you’re giving back; this creates a sense of togetherness and can inspire even more people to give. 

Individuals, non-profits, businesses, and religious organizations participate in the global generosity movement. Every year, more people give—locally, nationally, and internationally—whether it’s their time, a donation, or the power of their voice. GivingTuesday is a great opportunity for nonprofits to further their mission with positive impact. 

Why Your Nonprofit Should Participate in GivingTuesday 

GivingTuesday was created for nonprofits and organizations to spread generosity across the globe. This event unites people around the world in doing good, which makes GivingTuesday the perfect time to raise donations for a special fund or mission that your nonprofit is organizing. It’s also a great opportunity to partner with other organizations in your community to make a difference.  

Below are some benefits to participating in GivingTuesday: 

1. Boost end-of-year funding 

Nonprofits and ministries see an increase in giving toward year’s end, especially as people are looking for extra tax write-offs. Why not kick start your year-end-giving campaign with GivingTuesday? It’s a great way to leverage a day where millions of people already have generosity on their minds.  

2. Host a specific event 
This is a beneficial time for your nonprofit to host an event that is incorporated with GivingTuesday. The GivingTuesday goal isn’t only to raise funds, but it’s also to give our time and talents to bless others. You could partner with another organization within the community and host a toy drive or soup kitchen or whatever it is you’re passionate about. Or host an event that brings awareness to the work your missionaries are doing across the globe.  

3. Build a new group of consistent donors 

GivingTuesday provides the ability to engage with people who have yet to donate to your nonprofit. Because so many people are on social media and will hear about the holiday, their interest in giving to an organization that makes a difference in the community will be heightened. Those who have never given before may now be interested, and you can be a part of encouraging their generosity, both now and in the future

4. Support current projects or missions 

Your organization can always take advantage of receiving extra support for any current projects or missions your team is working on. Provide an update for your current and prospective donors about what you’re doing and how they can contribute on GivingTuesday. 

How to Make the Most of the 24 Hour GivingTuesday Celebration 

Communicate across all channels  
Utilize social media and the GivingTuesday hashtag to help promote your cause and get people involved. Invite them to give, share, and participate. Don’t forget to send an email or text message, too.  

Include videos  
Videos are now viewed more than written content, so it’s important to use videos in your communication strategy. You can give deeper explanations about how funds can make an impact for your cause. Share stories and let others see real people and faces that they can connect with. 

Follow Up 
People appreciate a little appreciation. Send out personal thank you emails to all your donors within 48 hours. Make sure to include the final number of donations received and what exactly those funds will be used for. Follow up to let them know how their contributions have impacted the community. 

What’s Next? 

Nonprofit software is essential to staying in contact with your donors and updating them about your GivingTuesday campaign. It is also helpful in retaining active and new donor contact information.  

Get ready to kickstart your GivingTuesday cause with all the CRM and donor management tools from DonorDirect. Contact us today to schedule your personalized demo. 

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