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Streamline Your Ministry with Integrated Payments

Your ministry matters, and what you’re doing to expand God’s Kingdom is valuable. You’re passionate about helping people, and that’s what you should be able to focus your time and energy doing.  

However, the backend, administrative tasks can often creep in and overshadow your ministry efforts, because all those to-dos need to get checked off as well. Ministry cannot run effectively if the behind-the-scenes work isn’t kept up with. That’s why it’s important to have software solutions that will streamline your ministry, not impede it. 

You want tools that will help you engage your donors, grow your organization, and change the world. DonorDirect’s goal is to help ministries do more, and that’s why we are committed to provide and improve our donor management and CRM technology to help hundreds of ministries fulfill their mission.  

We’ve partnered up with some of the great software solutions your ministry may already be using in order to help streamline your processes even more. That’s why we like to play well with other solutions. Our system is built from the ground up to integrate with the tools that matter most to your ministry. 

Clover Connect and DonorDirect 

One of the tech solutions we’ve joined forces with is Clover Connect—a leading credit card payment processor. Many businesses, industries, and nonprofits use Clover Connect to accept payments.  

Nonprofits and charitable organizations depend on donations and payments to help further their mission. For ministries utilizing Clover Connect, you can easily accept payments and streamline your ministry operations since DonorDirect has seamlessly integrated a payment processing solution. Transform your DonorDirect software into the ultimate ministry management tool as you continue to scale and grow.  

Below, we’ll take a look at four benefits of the DonorDirect and Clover Connect integration. 

They Work Together  

Having a donor management and CRM system that has integrated payment processing helps you to focus on the ministry, not the tech behind it. Because these systems “talk,” it simplifies the processes on the backend, saving you valuable time.  

You no longer need to have two systems open because they work together. Easily collect, track, and share data and manage all components of your ministry within one comprehensive platform. Reduce manual input and human error with the collaboration of useful donor management software and payment processing. 

They Streamline Operations  

Because these systems work together, it will help streamline your ministry’s operations. With the integrated payment solution, every processed payment feeds directly into DonorDirect to simplify online reconciliation. You won’t have to manually transfer data or information about transactions because it’s done automatically.  

Every purchase made via Clover Connect is instantly recorded to the donor’s account and is automatically updated. All of this allows your team to increase productivity and streamline workflows, freeing up your time for ministry instead of checking off the to-do tasks. 

They Provide Robust Payment Security  

Your donors care about their payment security, that’s why DonorDirect and Clover Connect have taken the necessary steps to ensure the security of your cardholders.  

We’ve implemented innovative security features like tokenization—the process of converting meaningful data, such as account numbers, into a random string of characters, called a token. These tokens have no meaningful value if breached. 

We have enabled transaction filters to protect sensitive cardholder data. Clover Connect follows the PCI (Payment Card Industry) data security standards—the requirements ensuring all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain security. Your donors can rest assured that their payment data is safe. 

They Offer 24/7 Customer Support  

You don’t want a software system that you download and hope for the best. Clover Connect customers have access to 24/7 tech support from a reliable team of experts. 

With DonorDirect, we are believers who are passionate about helping other believers. We have spent more than 20 years designing, developing, and tailoring our donor management and CRM software to help Christian nonprofit ministries spread the Gospel around the world. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way, including in our integrations with the other platforms you use, like Clover Connect. 

Effective Payment Integration 

Are you ready to see how DonorDirect and Clover Connect can help your ministry engage with your constituents, grow your impact, and streamline your processes? Contact us today to see just how effective our integrated payments are.  

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