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Nonprofit management software helps track skilled volunteers

Techies looking for meaning in their careers or in their free time are now bringing their talents to the nonprofit sector. In a recent article by SFGate, former Web designer Zac Halbert felt motivated to join the nonprofit sector because he saw a need to help bring technologies to companies that would use them for the greater good.

Halbert said he now designs apps and programs that are helping to solve real-world problems, so even if he’s not in a foreign country delivering medicine or food, he can still feel like his work makes a difference. While some individuals are going nonprofit full-time, others prefer to give their time on the weekends.

A wonderful new trend for nonprofits and ministries is the high skill level of new volunteers and their willingness to use their talents for a cause they believe has deeper meaning. These talents could include a skilled tradesman, a lawyer, an accountant or even a programmer. Regardless of the services they supply, nonprofits need the right volunteer management software to ensure that organizations can build meaningful relationships with these giving individuals.

The benefits of nonprofit CRM software
The right CRM tool can keep nonprofits far more connected to their volunteer base by providing instant access to a complete list of volunteers, their contact information and other pertinent details such as skills that may be useful to an organization. Perhaps an upcoming event could benefit from an interactive Web page on the nonprofit’s website. An organization could search its donor list for individuals that have donated IT skills in the past.

Nonprofit management software is also adept at organizing events in a more streamlined fashion. With the right software, employees can connect with donors, volunteers and partners and quickly set up schedules, send out invites and collect funds. These contacts can be organized and accessed in whatever way an organization sees fit, and up-to-date information is provided about giving levels and active subscriptions.

Technology is allowing nonprofits and ministries to meet the increasing need for their services in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Donor management software is yet another tool that can help organizations move their daily routine away from managing their organization and focus more on their mission. When choosing CRM software, it’s important that ministries find an application that is specific to their unique needs in the nonprofit sector.