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5 tactics for earning more donations

Though there is no single path to the perfect fundraising campaign, donation management software can help ministries dramatically improve their success rates. Here are five important tactics nonprofits should revisit on a regular basis.

1. Have a strong, purposeful message.
Donors like to know exactly where their money is going. A nonprofit with a purpose will raise far more funding than one with no story and no passion. Being able to communicate this message to donors often will keep the organization fresh in their minds.

2. Send donation summaries in time for tax season.
Werth It, a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, recommends sending out a rundown of all funds a donor sent throughout the previous year in January. This gives them plenty of time to account for charitable giving when filling out their taxes and reminds them of how beneficial their contributions were. It may prompt them to give again soon.

3. Stay in touch even when not asking for money.
Sending appreciative cards or email messages with no strings attached is an excellent way of reiterating to donors that the nonprofit cares about their participation, values their funds and puts the money to good use. Make sure to add variety and creativity to these tokens of gratitude. Try compiling quotes from volunteers or photos of a fundraising event to send. Other options might include a handwritten note from someone directly assisted by the donation or a list of ways donors can help the organization other than giving money.

4. Invite friends of donors to give.
The Times-News listed ways donors should decide where to give their money and attention. One item on their list was giving to known charities instead of unfamiliar ones. If a prospective donor does not know a charity exists, they cannot make a contribution. Asking current donors to spread the word or inviting contacts who have not given anything yet to a meet-and-greet event is a terrific way to become a larger presence in the community.

5. Implement an online donation platform.
Without a solid fundraising software system, the suggestions above become cumbersome projects that consume a ministry’s time, energy and money. NonProfit Hub’s No. 1 method of increasing funding is the utilization of a user-friendly, reliable software system. Specifically, ministries should look for a platform that allows donors to send in recurring contributions, have a profile for their individual donation history and keep their contact information current.