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Ministries increase child sponsorship success with donor software

In order for ministries to maximize the success of their child sponsorship efforts, they must invest in donor management software.

The Daily Signal reported the U.S. federal government has requested that the cities of Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin assist in finding housing for anywhere between 100 and 300 children arriving into the U.S. from places like Mexico and Central America. Already the Catholic Charities chapter in Milwaukee has helped by identifying three separate sites that may be able to accommodate about 100 of the children. Rev. David Bergner, the director of the Milwaukee chapter, stated the federal government would be funding the children’s stay. However, ministries can provide support for children in need as well.

The impact of sponsorship on the lives of impoverished children and the economy cannot be overstated. As reported by Christianity Today, a child sponsorship program called Compassion completed a study that found financially investing in children increases their chances of finishing secondary school by 27 to 40 percent and obtaining a university degree by 50 to 80 percent. After growing up, a sponsored child is 14 to 18 percent more liable to land a job and make money, often in an educational or religious industry. The lives of some sponsored children’s younger siblings were seen to improve as well.

These outstanding figures display the importance of charities and donors when it comes to helping children navigate life. With successful sponsorship, many children can become contributing and faithful members of society.

Ministries can help bolster this effort with the use of donor management software. Though it can be a daunting process, software systems with a child sponsorship specialization can offer useful ways of presenting funding efforts to donors and following up with contributors. It offers several different ways in which people can give and communicates with them in a meaningful and informative way.