Financial Management

Donor software ensures Holiday fundraising campaigns are a success

Nonprofit software helps NPOs plan, develop and execute successful fundraising campaigns. Some nonprofit organizations see Mother’s Day as an opportune time to hold a campaign. Personal and emotional, the day affirms people’s values and tugs at individuals’ heartstrings. Run a Mother’s Day related campaign next year and the theme will resonate with many constituents.

Various nonprofits have run campaigns associated with this special day. In fact, npENGAGE reported that the Ploughshares Fund, a publicly supported foundation, created a website with content that asked people to make a donation on behalf of their mothers. National Public Radio also followed the trend by creating an online store tailored to Mother’s Day gift suggestions. To get the word out, NPR ran an email campaign, encouraging people to visit the store.

These campaigns would be difficult to execute without a donor management software system. Donor software automates letter and email generation. With this feature, campaign coordinators or development directors can easily create a call-to-action message and send it to constituents. What’s best is nonprofit software management systems have the ability to automatically send donors receipts. Supporters appreciate a quick response, knowing their contribution matters.