Financial Management

Nonprofit software facilitates the grant writing process

A nonprofit software program makes a grant writer’s job easier. The development team can tap into the system to gather crucial information needed for the grant application.

Foundations sift through a number of applications, so it’s vital for an organization to stand out among the crowd. Nonprofit Hub recommended that an NPO only apply if it matches all of the foundation’s requirements. It’s vital to conduct research and tailor the application to each foundation.

While securing grants is vital for a nonprofit’s success, it should not be the only way for an organization to raise money. Creating a diversified fundraising campaign will ensure an NPO thrives even if it doesn’t win a grant.

Many nonprofits are struggling to get grants – it’s not an easy process. Center for Effective Philanthropy surveyed 121 nonprofit leaders last year, wrote the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Most respondents said their biggest challenge was securing and maintaining foundation grants. They said it’s more difficult to get foundation grants than government grants. Additionally, many feel that foundations are unaware of organization’s most pressing demands for services and technology.

With this communications gap, it is in the NPO’s best interest to send out a clear, accurate and convincing grant application. That way, a foundation may better understand an organization’s needs and be more likely to fund a specific program.

A nonprofit software program may assist in the time-intensive and data-driven grant writing process.