Financial Management

Nonprofit software helps make happier, more successful ministries

Ministries can use nonprofit software to improve the sense of fulfillment and happiness among staff. An environment in which employees work with minimal roadblocks, focus their energy on one area of expertise and feel good about their accomplishments is possible with nonprofit software.

A problem that ministries experience, according to Nonprofit Quarterly, is that their boards spend too much time on fundraising. Though specific board members may participate, the overall goal of the board is governance. A staff that relies on the board to provide donor connections or spearhead fundraising efforts will produce overworked committees. The New York Times reported that when workers are frustrated and do not have access to the right resources needed to accomplish their goals, they lose sight of the meaning behind the work. Meaningful work is the key to a happy and prosperous organization.

Nonprofit software supports staff by storing donor information, assisting with event registrations and reminding donors of upcoming events, just to name a few of the tools available. A nonprofit software system can create more successful ministries simply by releasing pressure often put on the governance board and helping everyone find importance in the work again. After all, fundraising is about helping donors fulfill their aspirations, not just about the funds.