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Media software helps engage millennials in ministry fundraising

To engage young people in fundraising efforts and retain them as donors, ministries should utilize media software. Millennials, younger people born between 1980 and the mid-1990’s, are not only tech-savvy, but they have different spending habits and goals than their parents. Media software can help ministries keep track of younger donors and make participating in events simpler.

As outlined by Millennial Marketing, the millennial population prefers to spend what little money they have left over after rent and bills on experiences, rather than fancy gadgets. This means that if given the opportunity to buy an iPod or go on an excursion with friends, millennials would opt for the excursion. These experiences can absolutely include youth groups and charity fundraisers. CNBC cites evidence that millennials act more like their grandparents than their parents when it comes to finances. They have seen their parents lose money invested in the stock market. Donating to a nonprofit organization or attending a social fundraising event appeals more to young people.

Ministries that adopt media software systems are more readily equipped to work with this millennial community and its spending framework. By automating email reminders for giving opportunities and establishing personal connections, nonprofits can engage young people in the fundraising conversation and give meaning to their spending.